CODE Consortium for System Leadership and Innovation

Our Purpose

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As we move forward with a transformative process to support leadership and innovation, the purpose of the Consortium is to further advance the philosophy of ESGA in the context of Ontario's current vision of Achieving Excellence; to increase understanding of the concept and strategy of "Leading from the Middle" that emerged during the ESGA project; and, to work with other partners and initiatives to influence and support the direction of system leadership activities within and across districts in Ontario.

The CODE Consortium functions as a networked improvement community. Members are engaged in a collaborative, inquiry-based process to deepen and advance understanding of leadership and innovation at the district, regional, provincial and international levels.

Current initiatives include a collaborative research project funded by the Ministry of Education and led by Dr. Andy Hargreaves and Dr. Dennis Shirley of Boston College that is exploring the concept of "Leading from the Middle" and its impact on system and school leadership and staff and student achievement and well-being.